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4-H Brochure

4-H is the youth education program of the Division of Extension UW-Madison. It is for kids who are in grades 5K-13 by September 1 of the current year.

4-H Brochure

Kids in the Town of Tilden are served by the BLOOMER AREA: 

Duncan Creek
Kristi Gotham…………715-271-3572
1st Sunday, meeting locations vary, 1:00 p.m.

HayCreek Ramblers (note the meeting time in the brochure should read: 2nd Sunday, TILDEN Town Hall, 1:00 PM)

Sara Michels ...........715-723-6064
Amanda Bohl……….715-556-3469

Mile Corner
Rachel Brekken……715-933-4224
Ashley Nelson ........715-415-2303
2nd Friday, Bloomer Baptist Church, 4:00 PM

Sarah Frank ........…715-288-6864
3rd Sunday, Bloomer Moose Lodge, 1:00 PM


Being Yourself: Find and share your authentic sparks and interests;
Belonging Together: Recognize, understand, respect, and appreciate each other;
Building Connections: Grow positive relationships with peers and adults;
Discovering Skills: Develop skills through hands-on learning to help you succeed and thrive;
Exploring New Opportunities: Open the door to new experiences, projects, and places;
Giving Back to Your Community: Make meaningful contributions through community service and leadership.